Blitz Spirit

by Ugly Broads

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released January 6, 2013

All songs written and recorded by Andrew Neal and Keith Dast, unless stated otherwise. Recorded in Mt Pleasant, MI - 2012.

Thank you to those who helped out with this album in any way...
Jason Kopke, Andrew & Eyra, Adam Nordstrom, Ben Smith, Sarah Alm, Mitch Anderson, Nick Hoke, Ben Smith, Brian Hansen, Lucy Lucifer, Christ Belanger, the Sword of Hot Energy, whiskey, microbrews, cigarettes and other assorted smokables, our parents, our couple of fans, our music friends we've met at shows, ourselves.



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Ugly Broads Mount Pleasant, Michigan

A band from Mt Pleasant, MI.

Andrew Neal & Keith Dast

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Track Name: The Flood
I'm not a man of tomorrow
My spark was forgotten at a rest stop
between the barcodes
between the years

But I can't let it go away
I'm riding this wave called the moment
It's starting to crest
It's all I got left
Cause the wind is my knife and the weather is fine out here

Before we become feed for the dogs
I am going to find the edge of the flood

I still got eyes for the future
I'm here and I'm looking for an answer
between the bar stools
between the years
Track Name: Brass Knuckles
Brass knuckles
knockin out the worst of my troubles
pickin up where you left off
only better
Knees buckle
safe inside your little bubble
focus on the last 3 years
for my sanity and sense of shame

Brass knuckles
fallin on a world of trouble
Picture us in black and white
only better
You set the first inside, put it out for me
Hold it back for once
Keep your sanity and sense of shame

Oh by the time it takes
Oh to lose the taste
Oh I'll be okay
But I wrote my will just in case

Brass knuckles
Tell it to me twice for luck
Focus on the last 3 years
Try and give a fuck for once
We can get high inside
We can go back in time
I see a different life
It was 1955
Track Name: Lights Out
I do not know what sorry is
But I feel it soak out my fingertips
Sometimes it doesn't show
I realize I'm out of control
mmm mmmm mmmm
Lights out as you know

I was fearless at first, bold like sour
Through your gift I found a curse
It was midnight then morning in an hour
I can't keep it straight
Mix the days with water
Drowning in gasoline
One more lights out night for me
mmm mmmmm mmmm
Lights out for me

Then you walked into the wasteland I live for
I was singing Killed Eachother kept my eyes pinned to the floor
Cause I'm just a drunk space man of the modern day
But it's a trip and the destination is where we started
Track Name: Indigo Forever
You're so concerned about my lonliness
Try living half a life away
Blowing thick smoke down a young throat
It's a wrecking ball headed straight for your heart

Like a steamboat, I'm older than I know
It's no wonder I float
She's a miracle of music
and she's singing the blues

My old sore bones keep me off of the rides
While we wait in line, she barely meets the height
I buckle her in and watch her roll on the tracks
and she thinks I'll still be here when she gets back
Track Name: Walls Can't Talk
To my delight, the walls can't talk
I've been writing my own version for so long
To my surprise, you kept up the lies
The least I can do is give you a song
And it sounds like...

Swinging from bridge cables
I'm out-running history
We played a party
I lost my feet
We were all fucked up
We were all in love
And we're stealing drugs
And we're giving up
I tried too hard
Track Name: Nothing is There
I turn the corner in the maze of my imagination
I'm down the alley again
with no recollection of home or the life I own

My big ideas are recognized
as concepts floating helplessly
in the spaces right in front of me

but nothing is done because
nothing is there
(Andrew, are you sure?)

(I see those) stacks of boots
sharp hat straight salutes
They chase me to the end of the night
All my friends get left behind

My big ideas all end like this
All concepts dancing carelessly
I can't help end in tragedy

but nothing is done because
nothing is there

They're talking to me and you
I hope that you're hearing this too
(Andrew, are you sure?)
I'm holding my breath and i'm taking
the high road

I've always been friends with the dawn
(I've always been friends with you)
How can I see it so clear?
(Why can't you see it?)
When you say "Andrew, are you sure?
Because nothing is there"